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Elon Musk appears to have taken his ‘war’ with Apple to campus

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Elon Musk appears to have taken his “battle” with Apple to the company’s campus, according to a new tweet.

Twitter’s new owner posted a tweet suggesting he had met Tim Cook on Apple’s campus, just a day after he declared war on the company.

Mr. Cook complained on Twitter that Apple’s 30 percent cut of all payments through the App Store was unfair, that it had stopped buying ads on Twitter and said it had threatened to pull its app from the iPhone.

He used all of these accusations to suggest that Apple was fighting free speech and suggested that he aimed to fight the company.

But the new tweet suggests the two chief executives have discussed Twitter’s future in the App Store.

Mr. Musk gave no information on whether he discussed Twitter’s future on iPhones and the App Store.

Apple is notoriously private about its business operations and rarely discusses its conversations with developers. It did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Independent.

But some pointed out that Tim Cook was visible as a shadow in Mr Musk’s video.

Mr Musk’s post came just an hour after Twitter posted a blog announcing the arrival of “Twitter 2.0”, which saw it reassure users and advertisers that it would still enforce its rules. Various reports have both suggested that Twitter is undermining its content moderation policies as well as the teams in place to enforce them.

But the new report claims Twitter’s trust and safety team “continues its diligent work to keep the platform safe from hateful behavior, abusive behavior and violations of Twitter’s rules”. “The team is strong and well-resourced, and plays an increasingly important role in eradicating automated detection abuse,” it wrote.



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