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‘Deprived’ bedside killer to be sentenced for necrophilia

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A double killer who abused his position at a hospital to sexually assault a woman’s corpse will be punished after later admitting to more “criminal” acts.

David Fuller, 68, is already serving a full life sentence for beating and strangling Wendy Kennell, 25, and Caroline Pearce, 20, before sexually assaulting them in two separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1987.

The electrician filmed himself abusing bodies at the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury, where he had worked since 1989.

He pleaded guilty to 44 charges relating to two murders and 78 victims at the mortuary at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust between 2008 and November 2020.

Last month, he admitted to sexually abusing 23 more dead women.

Libby Clarke, of the Crown Prosecution Service, previously said: “Fuller’s actions were degrading, despicable and inhumane – on a scale never seen before in legal history.

“It was vital for us to bring these additional charges for the women we could identify, and those we sadly could not, to reflect the crime and bring justice for the families that we could.

“The horror of this case will undoubtedly remain with everyone who worked so tirelessly to bring the case to a close.”

On Wednesday, Fuller will appear at the Old Bailey to be sentenced for the latest charges by Mrs Justice Cheema-Grube.

These include 12 counts of sexual penetration of a corpse and four counts of possession of extreme pornography between 2007 and 2020.

The government has launched an independent investigation into how Fuller was not identified until his arrest on December 3, 2020, for what has been dubbed a “bedseat murder” following new analysis of decades-old DNA evidence.

Mrs Cannell was found dead in her Guildford Road apartment on 23 June 1987, while Mrs Pearce was abducted from outside her home in Grosvenor Park five months later on 24 November, her naked body being discovered in a water-filled dyke in Marsh St Mary. On 15 December.

Police discovered a library of body images of Fuller’s abuse during a search of his three-bedroom semi-detached home in Heathfield, East Sussex, where he lived with his family.

The dead included a nine-year-old girl, two 16-year-olds and a 100-year-old woman.

A report from the hospital trust is expected to be published next year.

Last month, it was announced that more than 90 family members whose loved ones were defiled by Fuller will receive up to £25,000 in compensation.



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