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Alex Jones has now accused Kanye of a ‘homoerotic’ fixation on Hitler

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Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones sought to distance himself from Kanye West after the disgraced rapper revealed in his Infowar that he “likes” Adolf Hitler.

Last week, Jones interviewed West and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

During the interview, Jones tried to tell West that he didn’t believe the rapper was a Nazi.

“You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, so you don’t deserve to be a monster,” she said during the interview, where she was visibly embarrassed by the rapper’s comments.

Jones said the rapper had a “Hitler fetish,” and as the show cut to commercial break, the Info host told him he didn’t like Nazis or Hitler. But West replied, “I like Hitler”.

The rapper has previously been dropped by the likes of Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga following a series of anti-Semitic comments. West’s plan to buy right-wing social media app Parlor has also seemingly fizzled.

Hours after his comments to InfoWars, Parlor announced that it had decided to terminate its contract with the rapper on December 1.

And now, in an interview with right-wing YouTuber Steven Crowder, Jones tried to further distance himself from West and Fuentes.

“There’s a real horror factor with this Hitler thing,” the Infowar host said, citing the example of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s comments about the Nazi leader.

“It’s like some homoerotic thing on Hitler. That’s kind of what’s going on. This is the Hitler fetish. And no, I’m not one of those dudes in fancy peacock military uniforms that, by the way, killed 22 million Germans,” he said.

“So the greatest killer of Germans in history…Hitler.”

“Hitler was a disaster. Hitler was a magician. Hitler was a pedophile. Hitler was horrible. Screw Hitler, burn to hell, Hitler,” he added.

Mr. Jones also referred to Fuentes as a “baby Hitler” and a “Nazi lover,” the Daily Beast reported.

He said, without providing evidence, that the left used Hitler to “push a communist agenda” and promote authoritarianism “which is just as bad as calling us all Hitler”.

“And so people were so sick of Hitler, they go, ‘Hey, if Hitler’s so strong, then say we’re with Hitler.’ And that’s what these people are doing. And I felt like I got sucked into a huge publicity stunt,” he said in an apparent reference to West and Fuentes.

“Now, I am not mad at any person. I understand that they probably believe in what they’re doing.”

This is not the first time Mr Jones has turned on those he previously supported.

Last year, he threatened to “spill all the dirt” on former President Donald Trump after he began supporting a Covid-19 vaccine.

“Actually, maybe – you know – maybe I should spill all the dirt to get Trump’s attention – you know, you know – I’ll spill it all to Trump in the next hour,” he said.



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