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Details of Kylie Goncalves’ stalker claims revealed amid Idaho murder investigation – LIVE

Idaho murder victim’s father says ‘manner of death’ doesn’t match

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The families of four slain University of Idaho students have expressed frustration after not receiving updates from law enforcement three weeks into the investigation.

Steve Goncalves, whose daughter Kaylee Goncalves was brutally stabbed on Nov. 13 along with her friends Madison Mogen, Jana Karnodol and Ethan Chapin, told the New York Post on Sunday that he is working with private investigators.

The grieving father told the outlet that one of the officers assigned to investigate was still a teenager when the last killing occurred in Moscow in 2015. The Moscow Police Department, Idaho State Police and FBI are the agencies working on the investigation, which entered its third week Sunday without any major developments.

Mogen’s stepfather, Scott Laramie, told Fox News Digital that despite constant updates from law enforcement, it’s disappointing that the killer is still at large.

“They update us daily. We have asked them to check with us if there is anything,” Mr. Laramie. “I’m just hoping they come up with something very soon. I just want justice for these children.”

On Monday, Moscow PD said they looked into the incident that may have sparked Goncalves’ concerns about a stalker. The two men involved are not believed to have participated in the killings, authorities said.

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Police release new details about Kaylee Goncalves’ dog found at crime scene

The dog found unharmed inside the home where four University of Idaho students were butchered in their beds did not tamper with the crime scene and was not found in the same room as the victims, it has been revealed.

Police found no evidence of pets, they said.

Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 06:00


These 11 questions may hold the key to solving the Idaho murders

Investigators admit they are stunned by the killings in the small, notoriously safe college town and still have no suspects or persons of interest on their radar.

For the past three weeks, officials have offered little in the way of updates on the case — this silence and absence of information only serves to fuel an avalanche of online rumors and conspiracy theories among Internet sleuths.

Here, The Independent takes a deep dive into the mountain of unsolved questions – and the little details we know.

Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 05:00


Unwanted murders fuel online spies

Relatively few details have been revealed in the horrific incident that left the small town of Moscow in shock and grief for Madison Mozen, Kaylee Goncalves, Jana Karnodol and Ethan Chapin.

Unanswered questions are fueling interest in details about what happened.

The Reddit subchannels MoscowMurders and IdahoMurders have garnered over 102,000 members who discuss the case on a daily basis.

While some posts contained information that was completely speculative and had already been debunked by authorities, other users reminded that the police were doing their job and that the case was “not a 60-minute CSI crime show.”

Despite the posts being filtered as “speculation,” “facts,” “questions” and “theories,” misinformation about the investigation, possible motives behind the killings, and people the police have already ruled out as suspects.

Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 04:00


Moment fake journalist questions police about Idaho murder

A woman falsely posed as a journalist to question police about the murders of four University of Idaho students.

This footage shows the moment the “fake reporter” identified himself as being with the student newspaper, The Pathfinder.

He proceeded to ask Moscow police about the murder weapon and the “possibility that the killer was a woman.”

In a Facebook statement, The Pathfinders said the woman was not connected to them, and that they were “confused and concerned” by the Nov. 23 incident.

‘Fake’ reporter asks police questions about Idaho quadruple homicide case

Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 03:00


Kylie Goncalves died in the same bed as her best friend Madison Mogen

She said it comforted her to know she was with best friend Madison Mogen until the end.

Mr. Goncalves told how the “absolutely beautiful” young women first met in the sixth grade and became inseparable.

“They found each other, and every day they did homework together, they came to our house together, they shared everything,” she said.

“Then they started looking at colleges, they came here together. Eventually they move into the same apartment together.

“And in the end, they died together, in the same room, in the same bed.”

Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves were photographed together before their murders


Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 02:00


Police have yet to release an update on the DNA results that came back last week

Idaho State Police Communications Director Aaron Snell told Fox News Digital last week that investigators began receiving forensic test results more than two weeks after Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Jana Karnodol and Ethan Chapin were stabbed to death at an off-campus home. 13 November.

Mr Snell declined to confirm or deny that DNA from the four victims or the two surviving roommates was found at the crime scene as it was hoped forensics could eventually provide some clues leading police to the killer.

Authorities are yet to comment on the results.

FILE – Officers are investigating the deaths of four University of Idaho students at an apartment complex south of campus

(©Daily News)

Andrea Blanco7 December 2022 01:00


Parents vow to ‘get justice’ in surveillance as university dean says he too is ‘scared’

At a vigil on Friday, the victims’ parents and university officials pledged to persevere in their quest for justice.

“We’re going to get our justice,” said Steve Goncalves, Kylie Goncalves’ father. “We’re going to figure things out. This community deserves it.”

School officials acknowledged the community’s pain and fear, as the killer is still at large.

“We don’t know how long this investigation will take and we don’t know the ‘why’ behind this horrific act, but what we do know is that we will all come together,” University of Idaho Dean of Students Blaine Eccles said.

“What you’re feeling is real,” he added. “Depression. Anxiety. Anxiety and worry. It’s okay to have these feelings. I have them too.

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The investigation into the murder is coming to an end

Three weeks into the investigation, the killer or killers are still at large, no suspects have been identified, no arrests have been made and the murder weapon has yet to be found.

Law enforcement is under investigation as panicked students and residents of small college towns fear the perpetrator may still be among them.

Despite the lack of progress in the case, Idaho State Police communications director Aaron Snell revealed last week that the crime scene investigation is nearing completion.

“The collection of evidence at home is coming to a conclusion,” he told Fox News Digital.

“This is a very complex crime scene, and we are conducting a very thorough investigation.”

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Andrea Blanco6 December 2022 23:00


University of Idaho alumni raise $20,000 for private alarm in wake of murder

“The hope is that this will give students a small sense of security on campus and just let them know that their alumni and others care deeply about keeping them and the university that we want a safe place for them,” he said. .

The Independent’s Io Dodds and Rachel Sharp have the story:

Andrea Blanco6 December 2022 22:06


911 call logs reveal scenes of blood stains, knives and ‘suspicious males’

Ever since the bodies of Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Jana Karnodol and Madison Mogen were discovered in Moscow, Idaho on Nov. 13, a flood of 911 calls has become familiar to residents of alarm and restlessness.

“We understand that there is a sense of fear in our community,” the Moscow Police Department said Sunday, revealing that it had received more calls about “unusual situations” and requests for welfare checks in the past two weeks than in the entire month. October.

IO Dodds of The Independent has an analysis of the 911 calls made to Moscow after the assassination.

Andrea Blanco6 December 2022 21:35



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