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Family ‘happy’ over Texas man’s death sentence for triple murder of 4-year-old, parents: ‘It’s for the child’

The execution of a Texas man in a brutal triple murder that claimed a four-year-old child among the victims was met with approval by family members who survived.

“Oh, we’re happy,” Frances Rivera, the mother of 24-year-old Maya Rivera, who was killed along with 28-year-old Ray Sean Hudson Sr. and their four-year-old son Ray Sean Hudson Jr., in 2018, told Fox 26 Houston this week.

“This is for baby Ray. All these babies are for Ray.”

A jury took just five hours to convict the murder suspect, 40-year-old Robert Allen Satterfield, of capital murder, and another 45 minutes to conclude that he deserved the death penalty.

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Robert Allen Satterfield was executed in 2018 for killing a family of three. (FOX 26 Houston)

“She can’t touch her kids or hug her kids the way we can’t hug and touch our kids,” Rivera said. “He can’t do that. If he’s on death row five years, 10 years or 30 years from now, we know he won’t be able to enjoy life.”

Satterfield killed the family and burned their bodies in a pit. Authorities took him in after he was pulled over while driving a car stolen from them.

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The Rivera family told Fox 26 Houston they are glad the man who killed their family member was sentenced to death (Fox 26 Houston)

“They were dumped in a pit like garbage. It was heartbreaking to see the actual burn pit and what they had to go through,” Rivera said. “Baby Ray saw his mother get shot. The only reason he killed baby Ray was because he could identify her.”

Wharton County District Attorney Don Allison told Fox 26 Houston that Satterfield was a habitual offender with gang affiliations who showed no remorse for the crimes and showed signs of paranoia.

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The Rivera family reacts to the news that the man who killed their family member was sentenced to death (FOX 26 Houston)

“He felt he was being disrespected by them. It could have been a robbery, it could have been because of a gun,” Allison said.

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