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Rupert Everett claims he knows the identity of the woman Harry lost his virginity to

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Actor Rupert Everett claims he knows the identity of the elderly woman to whom the Duke of Sussex lost his virginity.

In Harry’s memoir Spare, he wrote that the incident took place in a field behind a “busy pub”, and that the woman treated him like a “young stallion”, but he did not reveal her name.

However, Everett argues that Duke’s account is not entirely true and that the event did not occur in this country.

In an interview with Telegraph magazine, published on Friday, the day the memoir was published, the actor said: “Anyway, I know who the woman is who he lost his virginity to.

“And it wasn’t at the back of a pub. And it wasn’t in this country.”

When asked if he was suggesting that Duke purposefully tried to cover his tracks to protect the identity of the woman involved, Everett reportedly replied: “I’m just putting it out there that I know.”

In the book, Harry describes losing his virginity as a “disgraceful episode”.

He described how a royal bodyguard, Marco, visited him in late 2001 when he was still a 16- or 17-year-old student at Eton College in Windsor and told the prince he had been sent to “find out” the truth.

Harry wrote: “I suspected he was referring to my recent loss of virginity. Indecent episode with an older woman. He liked horses, quite a lot, and not like a young horse racing with me.

“A quick ride, then he hit me in the ribs and sent me to graze.

“Among many things about it was wrong: it happened on a grassy field behind a busy pub. Obviously, someone saw us.”

The book reveals that the bodyguard was actually checking on the Prince because Charles’s press office was told that a newspaper had evidence of his taking drugs, which Harry said was “all lies”.

In an interview with The Times in December, actress and model Elizabeth Hurley denied rumors that she had taken Harry’s virginity, saying: “I’m not. Not guilty. Ha!”

Everett also said the memoir changed his perception of Duke, explaining: “It made me change my perspective. I was angry before, and now I’m so sorry – sorry for Harry.

“I have felt sympathy for him over the years and still do.

“Honestly! For the guy who got into it quite a bit, I feel especially bad for him about the Taliban thing. It changes everything and makes him lose a group that still loves him.”

Another revelation in the memoir that has caused controversy is that Harry said he killed 25 Taliban while serving as a soldier.

This prompted members of the armed forces to criticize the admission, with former Royal Navy chief Admiral Lord West calling the Duke “very stupid” for detailing his Taliban killings.

Harry later denied that he had boasted about the murders in the book and warned of a “very dangerous” spin on his memoirs.

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