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Secret tape catches Jorge Santos saying he ‘lied to everyone’ – LIVE

George Santos: The Impostor in Congress on the ground

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Bombshell secret tapes capture embattled Republican congressman Jorge Santos admitting he “lied to everybody” after a wave of allegations and admitting he edited most of his professional profile and resume before he was elected in November.

In audio obtained by Talking Points Memo, Mr. Santos can be heard telling a prospective employee that he lied, including to his chief of staff, Charlie Lovett.

“I obviously f*****ed and lied to him, like I lied to everyone else,” he says in the audio. “And he still forgave me and gave me a second shot, unlike some other people.”

In the recording, Mr Santos can also be heard giving advice about Botox, saying: “Stop going to Colombia for your diluted Botox.”

The frank insight into Mr. Santos’ office came as he stepped down from his committee assignment this week amid scrutiny over his campaign finances.

Federal law enforcement is also investigating a claim that she stole money from a GoFundMe set up to pay for surgery on a disabled veteran’s dog who died.

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The FBI interviewed a veteran who said Jorge Santos took the money to kill the dog

Federal law enforcement agents are investigating allegations that Jorge Santos collected money for the surgery of a dead Navy veteran’s dog before disappearing with the money.

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 15:00


In Jorge Santos’s district, the setting of The Great Gatsby, cries of ‘impostor’ abound.

Nearly 100 years after F. Scott Fitzgerald set The Great Gatsby on these same opulent shores, the 34-year-old Republican congressman once again draws the world’s attention to New York City’s sprawling east side and invites comparison. Along the way is the title character of that great American novel.

Where Jay Gatsby ultimately fails in his endeavors, Santos succeeds in his endeavors. A man who has repeatedly lied about his own history, from claiming his mother died on 9/11 to falsifying his education and net worth — not for love, but for donations, votes and influence — is the most elected to a seat. has been World’s most powerful legal organization.

So, how did he do it? How did he fool so many people? Does anyone know how? True, many did. But no one listened to them.

Richard Hall of The Independent reported from Long Island:

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 14:00


‘Give him some credit, George Santos has done a valuable public service’

The Independent’s Richard Hall wrote:

Kevin McCarthy faced a choice: He could listen to the Republicans who live and work in Santos’ district now represent and remove the impostor from the United States Congress — further weakening himself in the process — or he could ignore the issue entirely.

In choosing the latter, McCarthy reaffirmed the lengths he is willing to go to in order to maintain his tenuous grip on his party. It says something about the state of our Republican Party, and perhaps Congress, that a conman can be allowed to sit in the most powerful legislature in the world, to cast his vote on matters of life and death and war, for self-interest. To serve a party.

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 13:00


George Santos admits that ‘I obviously made up’ the secretly recorded tapes

A bizarre new story unfolded in the seemingly endless spiral of Jorge Santos’ arrival on Capitol Hill after a reporter released leaked audio from the congressman’s office Thursday evening.

The audio obtained and published by Talking Points Memo was recorded in Mr. Santos’ congressional office without permission from the congressman or his staff.

In the clip, the reporter (Derek Myers) is informed that his potential position with Santos’ office will not move forward after a review of his background and specifically a legal case that arose from his reporting.

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 11:00


A timeline of Jorge Santos’ many scandals

Embattled by one of the strangest scandals to hit American politics in the past few years, Jorge Santos faced calls for his ouster and resignation before he even took office as a representative of New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

As he wraps up his first month in the chamber, let’s take a look at how the scandal has evolved from the beginning to now:

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 09:00


Watching: ‘Congress Cheater’

The Independent’s senior US correspondent Richard Hall visited Long Island and Nassau County to find the real George Santos for the latest episode of On the Ground.

George Santos: The Impostor in Congress on the ground

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 08:00


Tucker Carlson defends Jorge Santos in a satirical attack on the press

In a rant Thursday night, one of America’s most-watched cable hosts suggested that journalists had elevated the congressman — who is elected to represent a district of about 800,000 people — from relative obscurity to “the single most dangerous and historically important” figure on the world stage. “

Ignoring some of the most serious allegations and fabrications involving Mr. Santos, who is under federal scrutiny and the subject of serious campaign finance allegations, Tucker Carlson instead settled on his claims about his collegiate volleyball experience, sarcastically labeling them “a tissue of lies.” Done. Deceive the American people.”

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 07:00


George Santos has been accused of perjury

It may be difficult to keep up with the list of fictions that George Santos has been accused of telling, admitting to telling, or simply being caught red-handed following a contradictory statement.

But don’t worry: The Independent is here, and we’re keeping track of the full list of lies as it continues to grow — both in number and in the sheer scale of the humiliation it presents only to Mr. Santos, who insists he’s in office as New York’s third district representative. Will serve two years, but for the Republican House Caucus as a whole.

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 05:00


WATCH: Comedian impersonates George Santos all the time

Comedian George Santos is always in disguise

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 03:00


Democratic Congressman: ‘Hucksters, fraudsters, and ripoff artists, people like Donald Trump and Jorge Santos, will always find new ways to defraud the American people’

Democratic US Rep. Jamie Raskin, emphasizing the important role of federal oversight in preventing massive fraud, told MSNBC that, after all, “this is a country that produced people like Donald Trump and Jorge Santos.”

Alex Woodward 4 February 2023 02:00

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